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About Us

What does it mean to be "happy" at work? If you do a quick search on the origin of the word, you'll find that it is rooted in this idea of "luck" or "chance." And when you think about it, this is typically how we approach our own happiness—as something that happens to us, rather than something that we create.

We think that's rubbish. We think "happiness" is a skill. Not only is it a skill, it is one of the most important skills you can develop at work, especially since you are about to get busier, be more overwhelmed with information, have tighter timelines and have more pressure to perform.

Our mission is to help you develop your happiness skills.

Our team is headed by Frances Bello, a practicing clinical psychologist, supported by her husband, André Bello, an airline executive and business coach. We have examined the problem, reviewed the data, and have clued in on exactly what needs to be addressed. Despite what the existing research says, we need to understand the problem from your point of view. We want to know how YOU feel at work.

As we unravel your feedback, and identify the most important elements that underscore your happiness, we will create unique content to help you boost your performance, improve your resilience to stress, and shift how you feel at work to a more positive space. Some content will be paid, some will be free, but there will be something for everyone.

If you took the couple minutes to complete the survey, we really want to thank you for your input. We're excited to learn more about happiness in the workplace, and to find new and exiting ways to move the needle on this important business skill.